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Excitement. Fear. Anticipation. Second Guessing. Un-contained Joy. Unimaginable Pain.

This was someone describing to me their previous custom booth building experience.

Building a custom trade show exhibit can be one of the most harrowing experiences that anyone in marketing can endure. So many intangibles, so many items that just can’t be planned. So what lead to this roller coaster of emotions this individual was describing?

Here is a brief synopsis:

Excitement – upon choosing the design and provider.

Fear – understandable apprehension about the decision – “can they do it?”.

Anticipation – obvious excitement as work progressed and the show date drew closer.

Second Guessing – some procedural missteps by the chosen provider caused this person to wonder if she had made the right choice.

Un-contained Joy – upon seeing the finished project.

Unimaginable Pain. Upon seeing the final bill (that was 50% over the estimated cost) and then dealing with the aftermath of a custom booth that was not flexible for their companies needs for future shows. This was the reason she was talking to EXHIBITMAX about building or renting a new booth design six months removed from building a new exhibit.

Now, we’re not saying that we’ll make the process completely without any of the above unfortunate feelings. But hopefully, most, if not all, of the positive feelings will be there in abundance!

We have built our business model in a way that you will get an exhibit that not only looks great, but will have some of the best value in the industry. With the functionality and flexibility you need.

We bring to the table award winning designers, the latest in exhibit systems, finishes and materials, combined in ways that will give you a great looking, functional, hard working booth. This exhibit will not only look fantastic, but be priced so that “Un-contained Joy” feeling will stick around for a little while longer.

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