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So Really

How is EXHIBITMAX different?

So. Really. How is EXHIBITMAX different? Isn’t every trade show exhibit provider the same?

If you have visited more than a few other exhibit company sites, you’ve probably seen a wide number of differences in what they can offer.

You’ve seen the sites from high-end companies with their stunning booth photography and imagery (with price tags to match). You’ve probably also caught the sites of smaller companies that just concentrate on inline booths (10×10’s and 10×20’s). You may have also seen a couple of websites that look like someone is running them out of their mother’s basement!

So, again, how is EXHIBITMAX different? And what does “right sized” really mean? Well, we’ll tell you.

First, we are different in our approach. We’ve crafted a company that is big enough to have the resources to do that large 5000+ square foot booth, but small enough to care and handle the details for your 10×10.

Second, we’ve built a flatter organization without the myriad of executive level talking heads that say a lot, but don’t accomplish much. We’ve built a culture of “implementers” who are on task and know what they are doing. The result: lower overhead and more efficiency, which gives you lower costs and better service.

Third, and most importantly, we are built to serve best the display needs of the “medium” sized exhibitor. While we do have a few Fortune-500 clients, our bread and butter is found in the folks with committed show programs, but not necessarily with annual budgets in the 7-figure range. Many of our clients felt “lost” within the large exhibit companies, and others felt underserved by the small houses that were known more for portables and pop up booths. Thus, this is why we are “right sized” – big enough to get it done for you, but small enough to still care.
So, if you would like someone to get back to you, fill out the contact form below, or if you need to get a hold of us right away – please call us at 1-800-910-5870!


“EXHIBITMAX’s customer service was fantastic, we’ll beyond anything we received before. Our previous supplier was supposed to be the least expensive in the industry. However, int the end, the final costs between this “low cost” company and EXHIBITMAX were only separated by a few hundred dollars! If you want a reliable provider, trust the team at EXHIBITMAX! “

Veronica Rivera / Senior Event Planning Coordinator / ASRT

“For six years, I managed over 30 tradeshows for CyberArts and worked with multiple vendors both domestically and internationally. EXHIBITMAX was not only competitive on cost, they delivered the most sophisticated designs and provided great customer service. Once I found them, I never worked with anyone else. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this company.”

Kim Northrup / Founder /KimNorthrup.com

S & G Company

“EXHIBITMAX not only knows how to solve my problems, they solve problems before I know I have them! They know the show halls and show regulations for all my shows and point out issues before they every escalate to problems. I trust them implicitly!”

Laurie Berg / Director-Marketing / AVI SPL

Building Company