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Frequently Asked Questions

Probably our most common question – our reply – How much does a “car” cost? You may think we are being flippant – but the analogy is accurate. Do you want a used 1978 Ford Pinto, or a brand new Mercedes? Industry averages as of 2013 have documented average costs of about $150/square foot for a newly constructed island exhibit – about the equivalent of a Nissan Sentra. Our advise, do some research, call some of your trusted colleagues, talk to some other exhibit providers – spend about as much time investigating what it takes to own an exhibit as you would investigating buying a new car (to extend the analogy).

If you have an existing exhibit that will require no modifications, or are renting an exhibit – 3 to 6 months, the more complex the exhibit, the more time your should allocate.

If you are building a new exhibit, start at LEAST 6 months in advance.

We are built to help you manage your whole program. For most of our clients, we handle every facet of their trade show booth implementation, all they worry about is getting to the show on time! We can take care of all your show services, all logistics, audio visual, graphics, and graphic design – we’ve even printed collateral pieces for some of our clients. Let us know what you need, we’ll be happy to fill in any holes you have regarding your next show!