ENTERPRISE – 30×50 Custom Trade Show Exhibit Rental

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When we say our rental exhibit can look like a custom booth – here is a case in point! This particular design evolved from a smaller custom booth design, but with some highly developed and interesting implementation “secrets”, to give this “rental” an elegant “custom” look of woodgrain that continues all the way into the conference rooms, all while showcasing a sporty Maserati at the center of the exhibit.

Also, the advantages of a rental design (easy reconfiguration, ease of setting up, flexibility, lower cost) worked well for Enterprise and National Car’s needs. This booth can be resized down to a 20×30 (from the current 30×50) space, repurposing logos and materials for efficiency and cost savings. In the end, a great booth with a great look, another example of why ExhibitMax is the perfect company to choose for your next exhibit!

We can help you solve your exhibit issue with a design every bit as beautiful as the one you see award-winning designers at your disposal to bring your vision to reality, at prices that are 20-50% less than the “big” exhibit houses out there. Call us today and see what we can do for you!