Global Merchandising – 30×50 Custom Trade Show Booth Rental

Color, drama, excitement with a retail feel, add to that a private VIP interior with two large custom-environment conference rooms.

At first glance, you may think this was a custom constructed booth. However, this complete exhibit was created from ExhibitMax’s inventory of rental components! The result? A dynamic display that generated a ton of excitement and traffic for our client, Global Merchandising Services.

With our inventory of flexible wall systems, we can configure an exhibit to practically any need, and customize it in a fashion that gives you the exact look and feel you are after, all at a very reasonable price!

We can help you solve your exhibit issue with a design every bit as beautiful as the one you see here. We have award-winning designers at your disposal to bring your vision to reality, at prices that are 20-50% less than the “big” exhibit houses out there. Call us today and see what we can do for you!

Imagine not having to worry about the myriad of details around your booth and booth implementation, knowing that ExhibiMax and their team of "tradeshow coders" are on the case and have everything under control. We can provide complete and all-inclusive packages for all your exhibit needs.

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